Oral Health & Your Body: The Connection You Need To Know About

an older couple brushing their teeth together

The Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health in America highlights the importance of oral health and its impact on overall health. The mouth-body connection is one that can’t be denied. At Brush, Floss & Smile patient-education is a cornerstone of what we do to keep our family of patients happy and in control of their dental care treatment options. In …

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Mouth Showing Your Age? Your Dentist in Forest Hill can help!

middle aged couple smiling with beautiful teeth

Wrinkles, gray hair, and aches and pains are signs of aging, but did you know that your mouth can suffer too? And when things go wrong, you can be left in pain … with expensive dental bills. Here are some of the concerns of an aging mouth … and what we can do to at Brush, Floss & Smile to …

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Dental Crowns Come To The Rescue For Damaged Teeth

Blonde woman with gorgeous teeth is smiling at the camera while wearing a big gold crown on her head.

At Brush Floss & Smile, as a dentist in Forest Hill, we follow the golden rule: we treat our patients the way we would like to be treated. It’s important to us to provide you with real information, explain our recommendations, and give you time to absorb them before making treatment decisions. We understand that just as milestones like marriage, …

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Find Out Why We Accept Most Dental Insurance Plans

Female dental patient gives two thumbs up because her dentist in Allenby accepts most dental insurance plans

As an Allenby dentist, at Brush Floss & Smile, we don’t want anyone to put off their dental care because they don’t think they can afford it. Whether you have dental insurance coverage or not, we want you to be able to book your next appointment with confidence. Did you know… A recent study revealed that about 65% of Canadians …

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3 Ways We Can Fill A Gap After Removing A Tooth

Last month, we blogged about the reasons you may need a tooth extraction. As your dentist in Toronto, at Brush, Floss & Smile, we also have ways to restore your teeth if your tooth extraction left you with a gap in your smile that changes how well you chew, speak, and feel around other people. Another consideration is that spaces …

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First In A Two-Part Series About Tooth Extraction

As a dentist in Toronto, at Brush, Floss & Smile, a tooth extraction is one of the most common procedures we do besides regular dental hygiene care and thorough oral health checkups. And while we’ll always do our best to treat your tooth to save it, there are many reasons why pulling one or more teeth may be necessary, depending …

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Why Reviews On A General Dentist In Allenby Matter

Happy family smiles after giving their dentist a glowing online review

If you’re interested in trying a new product or booking a trip somewhere you haven’t been before, what’s one of the first things you do? If you’re like most people, you’ll go to your computer or pull out your phone to check out online reviews. This has also become the norm when searching for a general dentist in Allenby. Selecting …

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Invisalign Offers A Clear Path To Straighter Teeth

If your teeth aren’t as straight as you’d like, protrude past your lips, or bite unevenly, this could be affecting more than the appearance of your smile. Invisalign® in Toronto from Brush, Floss & Smile can help you avoid the perils to your oral health that come with misaligned teeth. When your teeth are … Too Tightly Spaced You’ll find …

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Invisalign Treatment Doesn’t Get In The Way Of Living Life

At Brush, Floss & Smile, our primary goal is your dental and overall health needs and wants, so we provide Invisalign in Toronto that will help you achieve a straight, esthetically beautiful – and healthy – smile. When most people hear the word orthodontics, they think of braces for kids. But did you know that about one in five orthodontic …

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Spot The Signs Of Oral Cancer Early On With Our Help

As North Toronto dentists, we have the expert skill and training to detect many diseases of the mouth, including oral cancer. Did you know that three Canadians die every day from oral cancer? In fact, more people die from oral cancers than either cervical or skin cancer. And because two-thirds of oral cancers are discovered in the late stages of …

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