Laughing Gas Sedation In Forest Hill Toronto: How Dental Patients Can Benefit

Dental anxiety is a very common problem, and it can often prevent people from getting the dental care they need. Some people find the thought of sitting in a dentist's chair terrifying! If you are one of these people, you may want to consider laughing gas sedation. At Brush Floss & Smile in Forest Hill, Toronto, laughing gas is a form of sedation that is administered through a mask, and it helps patients relax and feel comfortable during their appointments.

A Synopsis Of What Laughing Gas Is And How It Works

Laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide, is a type of sedative that is inhaled through a mask. It has been used for dental procedures for over 100 years and is one of the safest forms of sedation available. The laughing gas works to relax patients and make them feel comfortable during their appointments. It does not put patients to sleep, and they are still able to communicate with their dentist.

How Laughing Gas Is Provided To Patients

The laughing gas is mixed with oxygen and administered through a small mask that is placed over the nose. The patient breathes in the mixture of laughing gas and oxygen through their nose, and within minutes, they will start to feel relaxed. The sedative effect of the laughing gas will last for the duration of the dental procedure. Once the procedure is over, the patient will be able to drive themselves home and resume their normal activities.

There are many benefits of laughing gas sedation for both dentists and patients. For patients, it can help ease their anxiety and make them feel more comfortable during their appointments. Laughing gas is also very safe and has minimal side effects. It is one of the most popular sedation options for dental procedures.

Laughing Gas Sedation

Get On Board With Laughing Gas

  • Reduce your anxiety & stress
  • A safe & effective way to manage pain
  • Perfect for those afraid of needles
  • Relax & feel comfortable before treatment
  • No negative side effects

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