The Information You Need About Dental Implants

Semi-retired couple smiles to reveal dental implants

Are you self-conscious of missing teeth? Feel like you’re smiling less and less because of these gaps? Do you feel like your bite is misaligned or the shape of your face has changed? We hear you; missing teeth can wreak havoc on multiple aspects of your life. But don’t worry, with dental implants, our team at Brush Floss & Smile can get you back to living your best life without the self-consciousness or embarrassment that comes with missing teeth. 

No one should be made to feel like they can’t smile whenever and wherever they want. With dental implants, you get back to living the life you deserve, filled with laughter and smiles. 

What are dental implants? 

Dental implants essentially fill the gaps in your smile by replacing any missing roots and supporting artificial teeth. 

Implants are a great and effective way to replace missing teeth seamlessly and for the long haul. Most patients find dental implants to be a secure and stable replacement for missing teeth, and report high levels of satisfaction! 

With dental implants, gone are concerns of a mismatched smile. These implants are designed to blend in with your other teeth and give you a smile that matches your unique features. 

Implants serve a variety of purposes, including:

  • Improved appearance
    • Dental implants look and feel like your own teeth, so next time you go to take a picture, you can be sure your smile looks good from all angles. 
  • Helping you chew foods you may otherwise not be able to eat
    • Think about all the crunchy, sticky and chewy foods you’ve been missing! Dental implants have also been shown to provide more preferable comfort levels while eating and drinking than other dental fixtures, like dentures. 
  • Supporting facial muscles
    • Feel like your look has changed? Dental implants can help restore your facial shape getting your back to your natural look. 
  • Improving speech
    • This is a big one. With improved speech, you can rest assured knowing you can tackle your next date, job interview or life event with ease, uninhibited by speech struggles. 
  • Increased self-esteem and reduced self-consciousness by giving you a beautiful smile!
    • Dental implants are tailored to look and feel like your own teeth and are a sure-fire way to provide you with the smile of your dreams. With dental implants, gone are the days of feeling worried about smiling or laughing. 
  • Durability.
    • Dental implants are very durable and with proper care will stand the test of time.
  • No change in care
    • What’s better is the care for dental implants is similar to your regular dental hygiene routine. Think brushing at least twice a day, flossing, replacing your toothbrush every three months, and coming in for regular checkups with us (speaking of, if you’re overdue for an appointment, be sure to give us a call)! No complicated routine changeups or steps to remember. 

Who can get dental implants?

If you’re interested in dental implants give us a call and we can have a thorough chat about whether you’re a candidate! In general, those individuals who are in good health, have healthy gums and a healthy jaw are good candidates for the process. 

How do they differ from dentures? 

Unlike dental implants, dentures are removable prosthetic teeth. Due to this removability, dentures require a higher level of daily maintenance. Dental implants remove the mess, hassle and embarrassment of having to soak dentures overnight and clean after eating. 

Additionally, as your bite changes over time, dentures may have to be refitted from time to time, while implants are a more permanent solution. With implants, the only routine that will change is the frequency at which you smile! 

What about the cost? 

The cost of dental implants will vary depending on the person. Like you, your teeth are unique and should be treated as such! The process of dental implants is case-by-case, and so is the cost. 

If you’re interested in learning more about your options for filling the gaps in your smile, give us a call to book an appointment. We can talk you through any questions you may have and lend a hand on your road to self-confidence.

The bottom line 

Teeth are a huge contributor to our daily living activities; from smiling to eating to talking, we need our teeth to power us through our busy lives. So when something goes amiss, and gaps and holes form in our smile, it can be challenging to carry on as usual. 

Whether it be from trauma, tooth decay, or periodontal disease, we understand losing teeth at any age is tough. Luckily with dental implants, we can get you back to enjoying life. 

If you’ve been bothered by the look of a gap in your smile, contact us to book an appointment. With a few quick steps, you can get back to smiling and living the way you deserve.