Mouth Showing Your Age? Your Dentist in Forest Hill can help!

middle aged couple smiling with beautiful teeth

Wrinkles, gray hair, and aches and pains are signs of aging, but did you know that your mouth can suffer too? And when things go wrong, you can be left in pain … with expensive dental bills. Here are some of the concerns of an aging mouth … and what we can do to at Brush, Floss & Smile to help you age with grace.

Tooth Infections

As we age, wear and tear on teeth can create small cracks or breaks, which allow bacteria to get into your inner tooth – the pulp. Plus, aging results in being less sensitive to tooth pain, so an infection in the pulp can become quite advanced before you notice symptoms. We can help you prevent this with regular recare appointments by identifying areas of concern before they become painful. This can help you avoid root canal treatment and the added expense of a crown.

Tooth Decay

While you may think tooth decay is more of a problem with children, decay rates in those over 65 are higher than with school kids. While kids have the most cavities in the pits and grooves on the biting surfaces of their teeth, most older adults experience tooth decay and require fillings at their roots. This is because of the gum recession that happens over time. With early detection and preventive care we can help you prevent serious issues.

Gum Disease

As we age and our gums recede, we are also more prone to gum disease, which is an infection at your gumline. Over time, untreated gum disease can result in wobbly or even lost teeth, and the bacterial infection can spread to other areas of your body. Our gentle hygiene team can help with preventive care and homecare instruction, and by cleaning the plaque and tarter buildup that leads to this preventable disease.


Even with the best oral homecare routines, teeth lose their sparkle over time as enamel grows thinner or is stained by the foods and drinks we love to eat. Professional teeth whitening at Brush, Floss & Smile can help you regain a shiny white smile that can leave you feeling more confident – and even a little younger!

Oral Cancer

Long-term tobacco and alcohol use can lead to many diseases and oral cancer is one of them. If you notice any mouth sores that don’t go away after two weeks, please give us a call for an assessment. In the meantime, if you do smoke, stop, and drink alcohol in moderation.

We all know that ensuring your kids and grandkids receive regular dental care is a vital part of their growth and development. As you can see – it’s equally important as we age. We’d love to help you age gracefully – contact us to find out how we can help!

Yours in excellent dental health,
Dr. Shana Friedman, General Family Dentist in Forest Hill