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Costa Rica dental

There are many dental institutions around the world that offer great services. After the United States of America and the United Kingdom, Costa Rica is considered as the hub of all dental procedures. It has taken a long time for Costa Rica to gain this status and it is a feat worth admiring. The problem with the dentistry profession in the States is that it is too overpriced. Many people can’t afford the whopping prices the dentist charge for dental implants. On the other hand in Costa Rica, you can get the same operation for 40-70% less.

It is more cheaper for a dental practice to exist in Costa Rica then it is for one that is in the United States. Here are some of the differences between Costa Rica and the United States when looking at the dentistry industry.

Property and rental
In the States, the prices for property or to rent commercial space is exorbitantly higher then what you would pay in Costa Rica. With the prices so high they have to push up their prices of dental works. However, in Costa Rica property prices are minimal and you don’t have to break the bank to rent some commercial space to work from.

Most dentistry in Costa Rica have the same supplier which brings their prices down. The same stock you would use in the States would cost 60% less in Costa Rica. This difference in price is why many dentist upscale their prices in the States to account for the supply cost.
The equipment is also very expensive. When working in the dentistry industry it pays to only work with top of the range equipment. The difference in prices is astronomical compared to the Costa Rica price for the same equipment.

Having the dental implants or surgery is a cost on its own, but finding the right accommodation is another matter altogether. Depending on where in the States you are an overnight stay can easily cost you 1k -3k. This price is totally outrageous that is why many people opt to have the procedure in Costa Rica where everything is affordable and cost effective.

Dining out can be another expense that can cripple you before the procedure is even done. While doing a lengthy procedure over a couple of days you would want to go explore and enjoy the city but this can’t be done because you have a constraint budget. However, in Costa Rica, a nice evening out could cost less then $5 an evening.

America Dental offers packages that include all of these things from flights to accommodation. We believe in making you feel at home and providing you with the best services.

As you can see there are many reasons why Costa Rica dental is far better then the States, if you are looking at it from an economic point of view. So come on down and emerge yourself in our culture and enjoy our beaches, all while you get your teeth fixed.

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