Sleepless (With Sleep Apnea) In Forest Hill

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Did you know that your general family dentist in Forest Hill can help you with sleep apnea treatment? Sleep apnea is a disorder that results in the momentary cessation of breathing throughout the night. These involuntary pauses in breathing might seem like a small thing, but for some people, they occur up to sixty or more times per hour for …

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Your North Toronto Dentist Wants To Keep You Free Of Gum Disease!


Your Chaplin Estates Dentist Wants To Keep You Free Of Gum Disease! You may have periodontal disease and not even know it. We’re not trying to scare you, but … according to the American Academy of Periodontology, nearly half of North American adults have it. And many don’t know it. Also known as gum disease and “the silent killer,” it can …

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When Dental Emergencies Happen in Forest Hill

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It’s important to have a proper action plan prepared should a dental emergency happen. If you’re looking for emergency dental care in Toronto, our team at Brush, Floss & Smile is ready to help. We welcome your call if you have any concerns or need immediate help.   Here are a few tips to handle some common emergencies. Toothache First, …

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Veneers in Forest Hill Can Restore An Imperfect Smile

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A healthy shiny smile goes a long way. But many of us aren’t completely satisfied with how we look when we flash our pearly whites … when they become stained, dull, or damaged. Time and age can take their toll on our smiles. After all, our teeth get plenty of wear every day. With today’s dentistry techniques and technology, our …

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Restore Your Smile – And Quality of Life – With Dental Implants in Toronto

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Losing one or more teeth doesn’t have to spell the end of your healthy, natural-looking smile. At Brush, Floss & Smile, we’ve rejuvenated many patients’ smiles and protected their oral health for future years with dental implants in Toronto. Did you know … if you happen to lose just one tooth due to gum disease, a cavity, or trauma, bone …

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A Clear Alternative For A Straighter Smile – Invisalign in Toronto

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Remember the braces that looked like train tracks on teeth? The ones you couldn’t hide if you tried? Orthodontic treatments sure have come a long way in recent years … and that means, we can now straighten smiles without anyone knowing (except the two of us, of course!).   At Brush, Floss & Smile, we’re proud to provide removable Invisalign® …

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